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So you want to be an owl? What makes you feel like Southern Connecticut State University is your home? What makes you bleed blue and white? Let’s hear from a student at SCSU who wants to share her experience!


Photo Created/ Edited by : Korrie Ford

Holly Mattimore, 19, a sophomore at SCSU wanted to share her reasons for wanting to become an owl.

Q: Why did you choose SCSU?

A: “I chose Southern because I am an early childhood education major, and the last school I attended didn’t have that. I transferred this semester from Western Connecticut State University, and am loving the experience. After visiting this campus, I knew I could call it home.”

Q: What can you tell us about your first semester at Southern?

A: “I live in Farnham Hall with my roommate that I met the day we moved in. She’s great and we are really good living together which was a relief. I joined the Southern’s Future Teacher’s Organization on campus and am very involved in all of the events. I go to many of the events and programs that Southern holds for the students throughout the semester; such as carnivals, shows, events in the Farnham Programming Space and more. It’s very easy to get involved here.”

Q: Is there anything you would change about your experience so far?

A: I probably would have looked up certain professors on before signing up for their classes. I didn’t do my research beforehand to see which teacher would have the best learning style for me.

Q: Last thoughts on SCSU?

A: I truly love Southern and New Haven – I rarely want to go home! You will love it here, everyone is so friendly and there is always so much to do!




Where to go? – Campus Map


Above is a map of Southern Connecticut State University’s campus. You can see the different popular buildings and areas around campus – each named and color coded. Print this out if you plan to take a tour of campus, or upon your first semester at SCSU.

Five Fun Facts – SCSU


This photo was taken on September 22, 2015 on the pedestrian bridge. By: Korrie Ford

This photo features a campus map on the bottom right corner, to help you find your way around your new campus.

Five Fun Facts about SCSU:

  1. There are so many things to do – Between clubs, sports, RA programs in the residence halls, plays/musicals, movies, an open pool and more.
  2. The Tutoring Center – All subjects are available for extra help through the tutoring center in the Library. Definitely a life saver around finals.
  3. Food – There are many options for food loot or meal swipe purchases on campus. There is Connecticut Hall which is a buffet style dining hall, the Adanti Student Center which features 2Mato, Freshens, The Grill, Dunkin Donuts, and Mando Subs.
  4. Reslife – Probably the coolest experience at SCSU. Choosing  residence hall can be stressful at first, but once you decide where you should live and find a roommate/get matched with one, it is a fantastic experience that you will never forget.
  5. Create a Degree – Southern is home to many majors, but what if yours isn’t there? You can now create your own degree by choosing a systematic credit pathway to becoming an expert in your field.

ResLife – Where Should You Live?


I took this photo outside of Farnham Hall on November 13th, 2015. 


Resident life on Southern Connecticut State University’s campus is huge. There are nine different living options for residents throughout campus:

Basic halls (available to all students) – Farnham Hall, Chase Hall, Wilkinson Hall, Neff Hall and Hickerson Hall.

Suite – Style – Brownell (Sophomores and Juniors only), West Campus (available to all students, additional cost), Schwartz Hall (over 45 credits), North Campus Apartments(over 45 credits)

Tours are available at any time during the academic year, where you can visit any of the residence halls you prefer.




What’s Up With The Bridge?


This photo was taken on October 6th, 2015 when I was walking to the Student Center. The student center is featured to the left. 


     If you have ever visited Southern Connecticut State University, you have noticed the bridge. It looms over a three-way intersection right in the center of the campus. One of the best parts of Southern’s campus is the pedestrian bridge. Students can easily walk from the residential side of campus, to the academic quad quicker than ever before. This bridge was built in 1968, and has been connecting students with our campus for years.

Sunsets at Southern

One of my favorite things about Southern’s campus is how beautiful everything looks at night. Each building is lit up at night and creates a great image, like the one I’ve taken below. This sunset picture could have only been captured here at Southern Connecticut State University.


Here’s a great view from the pedestrian bridge at Southern Connecticut State University. I took this on October 19th, 2015.

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